Water Restoration Adelaide Expert Shares 5 Signs Of Water Damage

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Every homeowner should be aware of the signs that indicate water damage in and around their house as it can have an impact on your health and wallet. Water is absorbed into flooring, furniture, carpets, drywall, ceilings and timber support beams with the potential to cause structural damage, property damage and mould growth. One common sign that your house may need water damage restoration is when you notice wet patches, stains, mould or mildew growing on any part of the house. There are other signs too. When it comes to restoration, it is important to act quickly so that you can avoid expensive repairs down the road. At Imperial Carpet Cleaning we are known for excellent service and high customer satisfaction in restoration services Adelaide. Let’s have a look at some tell-tale signs that you need a water damage restoration expert services:

  1. Water Stains: This is a sure sign that a home needs water damage restoration. If you have noticed any spots, discolourations, or rust spots on the walls or the ceiling then there could possibly be a leak. It is important to call a professional water damage restoration Adelaide service without any delay.
  2. Buckled Wooden Floors: This is an indication there is water damage. If your wooden floors look great but are buckled and warped this could be a sign of water leak under the floors.
  3. Bubbling Drywall: Is your drywall crumbling, peeling or looking discoloured? If your answer is yes then it’s time to get in touch with a professional for restoration services to fix the problem before it gets worse.
  4. Mould On Walls, Ceiling: Wet and humid environment is the perfect place for mould to grow and spread quickly. It can be a serious health hazard so do not wait for it to get out of hand, call a water restoration Adelaide expert today. For any roof leaks, burst pipes, or floods a professional will be able to control the situation and damage without draining your wallet.
  5. Spikes in Water Bills: If you have noticed a sudden increase in water bills it could be a sign of an unnoticed water leak causing damage to your property. If a leak is in a hidden pipe it can damage floors, walls, or the structure of a house if left undetected for a long time. Find an expert water restoration Adelaide team to get your house back to normal.

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