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Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

Professional carpet cleaning is the best way to eliminate odours, dust mites & other allergens, as well as remove those extra stubborn stains and spills. Restore your carpet to its original condition with our fully trained professionals at Imperial Carpet Cleaning. We offer the highest quality clean at an affordable price for all types of residential & commercial properties. 


At Imperial Carpet Cleaning we have over 30 years of experience servicing the Adelaide market and are committed to achieving outstanding results and ensuring our clients receive the highest level of customer service possible. It takes years of training, experience & exposure to different carpets types to really ensure your carpet is cleaned in the best and most appropriate way. Our expert technicians are fully qualified, trained and are always happy to answer any questions you may have.  


Our multi-stage cleaning system gently deep cleans and deodorises the fibres to restore the feeling of fresh, clean carpets that are dry enough to walk on. We take the time to pre-treat stains, carefully move and replace your furniture, use a low-moisture clean that’s 100% safe for children & pets. you will love our attention to detail. some cleaning methods only remove the surface level of dirt from your carpet and don’t reach all the nasties hiding deep below, especially in high traffic areas such as the front entry of your home or business where most dust and dirt are found, even when they have been vacuumed regularly. At Imperial Carpet Cleaning, we know a carpet is only truly clean if we are able to get down to the base of its fibres. Apart from making your carpet look clean and fresh, a deep clean ensures there is no dust, dirt or any other allergen particles remaining in the base layer of the carpet’s fibres. 

Here are some of the benefits from Imperial

  • Fully certified and government accredited company
  • Recommended by leading manufacturers
  • Expert training of all their technicians
  • 100% safe for children and pets
  • Fresh clean & healthy cleaning products
  • Ideal for asthma & allergy sufferers 
  • Carpets stay cleaner for longer
  • Fast drying process, typically 1-2 hours
  • 200% genuine money back guarantee
  • Absolute commitment to green materials and practices


Imperial technicians are wool care specialists have completed an advanced course in wool carpet science with the Wool Research Organisation of New Zealand. we know how to look after your valuable wool carpet & that’s why Imperial has been selected for the Wools of New Zealand quality assurance programme as one of the best wool care companies in Australasia.


Our award-winning Health & Environmental Cleaning System uses the latest in sustainable cleaning technology to give you fresh, clean & allergy-free carpets that stay cleaner for longer. We have fully trained & accredited technicians that use hospital-grade HEPA filtration to remove harmful microscopic particles, allergens & dust mites that is ideal for asthma & allergy sufferers. getting a complete carpet clean guarantees optimum hygiene for your home or business and will have a major impact on the quality of air within your home or office. Get your carpeted spaces professionally cleaned with our team of technicians at Imperial Carpet Cleaning today and start seeing the results for yourself.

Nothing feels better than stepping on a newly cleaned and fresh carpet. To experience that fresh feeling for yourself, call or text Imperial Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning today on 0416 115 866 to book your next clean.