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Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

Fresh, clean and allergy-free carpet and rug cleaning Adelaide

Our award winning Health & Environmental Cleaning System uses the latest in sustainable cleaning technology to give you fresh, clean & allergy-free carpets that stay cleaner for longer.

We have fully trained & accredited technicians that use hospital grade HEPA filtration to remove harmful microscopic particles, allergens and dust mites – ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers.

Our low-moisture extraction system gently deep cleans and deodorises the fibres to restore the feeling of fresh, clean carpets that are dry enough to walk on.

We take the time to pre-treat stains, carefully move and replace your furniture, use a multi-stage clean and safe, fresh smelling products. You will love our attention to detail.

Wool Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

Imperial are Approved Wools of New Zealand Woolcare Technicians. Our technicians are wool care specialists having undertaken an advanced course in wool carpet science with the Wool Research Organisation of New Zealand. We know how to look after your valuable wool carpets.

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