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Rug Cleaning Adelaide

All rugs are different and require different cleaning practices on a rug by rug basis.

For instance a silk rug will require very sensitive processes as the fibres are very delicate and standard carpet cleaning eastern Adelaide systems will more than likely wreck the fibres beyond recovery.

Persian & oriental rugs are notorious for colour run and stains can be set with improper cleaning practices.

Silk and Persian rugs as well as many Chinese rugs will require specialised drying procedures to ensure safe and effective cleaning.

Many rugs have unstable dyes that require specialised cleaning practices to safely bring them back to their best possible condition.

We like to be able to clean rugs to the best of our ability and generally this requires us to pick up the rugs & clean at our premises. This allows us to clean the rugs more thoroughly and we can also dry the rug quickly to avoid subsequent problems.

We are accredited rug cleaning technicians through the ACCI. (Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute – the leading authority).

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