Commercial Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

A fresh and clean workspace can not only leave a great impression to clients but also provides employees with an appealing space which can help boost their wellbeing and increase their productivity. Looking after your carpet by vacuuming regularly is crucial, but a deeper clean must be performed regularly to remove any stains and unseen bacteria, soils & contaminants hidden deep in the carpet. By getting your carpet & upholstery professionally cleaned you will be extending the life of your investments and maintaining a pleasant work environment. Imperial Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning use the highest quality products and the most effective methods to ensure that your business is a healthy, clean and comfortable environment for you, your employees and customers.

Expert Staff

Imperial has been an Interface preferred partner for over 15 years, maintaining some of the largest facilities in South Australia. Our technicians are fully certified and EH&S compliant and a government accredited company in asset maintenance. Our expertly trained and highly professional staff know the ins & outs of all carpets no matter the material, and are expertly trained to handle the most delicate of fibres, and can remove the toughest of stains. As Adelaide’s local professional cleaners, we place a high value on offering a fast, friendly and efficient cleaning service for any business, big or small.

Personalised Maintenace Plan

Imperial are the experts in the cleaning and maintenance of commercial carpet cleaning in Adelaide. We can develop an individual maintenance plan for your business to consistently maintain the desired standard of appearance and hygiene of your carpet and furnishings. A fully documented maintenance plan can save on replacement costs by extending the life of your carpet and upholstery. Additionally, it allows easy monitoring and auditing to ensure compliance with OH&S guidelines, as well as making it easier to have more control over your budget. Having your carpet maintained regularly will not only enhance the look of your office space but will make sure it maintains and upholds a healthy environment to work in.


High foot traffic areas of carpet are generally where most of the unseen dirt and bacteria hide. If left unclean, it can cause problems to those who suffer from asthma or any other allergies as well as just looking dull and unprofessional. We use only the highest quality products and sustainable cleaning technology in alignment with Green Star guidelines, ensuring all our services are environmentally friendly. Our products are non-toxic meaning they are safe around everyone – including kids and  pets!

Our Adelaide commercial carpet cleaning service offers the deepest clean for your home or business. We also offer commercial upholstery cleaning  Adelaide for office furniture such as desk chairs, waiting room sofas, office partitions and more. Call us on 0416 115 866 to discuss and book your own Personalised Maintenance Plan.

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