Water Damage Restoration Adelaide


If your home or office is threatened by water damage from leaks, torrential rains or even a broken water pipe, it is crucial you take immediate action to help reduce damage and prevent any mould or bacteria growth. Here at Imperial Carpet, our staff are fully trained and accredited with the Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute in water damage & restoration. We provide immediate service in the event of water damage, extracting excess water and initiating the drying process to restore your premises as quickly as possible.

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Effects Of Water Damage

Water damage can be one of the single most destructive substances, particularly in an indoor space. Excess moisture, flooding or leaks can cause structures & personal property to become extremely damaged and contaminated in a short amount of time. This becomes even more of a problem if the water is dirty or the clean-up process is delayed. Not acting quickly with your clean up can cause mould and bacteria to start growing on the affected areas, particularly carpets. Mould can grow within 24 hours and sink into organic materials & destroy their integrity. Not only can your carpet be affected but water damage can affect the walls, insulations, floorboards, and all other furniture items. Additionally, the growth of mould can cause a range of different health effects such as respiratory problems, allergic reactions and infections.

How It Works

Our highly-trained technicians have the expertise and equipment to restore your property to pre-water damage condition as soon as possible. We extract the water, then dry and clean your carpets and furniture using state of the art technology, before treating all surfaces with an antibacterial product to help prevent odours, mould or contamination and leave your home or business looking and smelling fresh. We use only the best technology that allows us to monitor and document the drying process from beginning to end. Our staff will provide you with a full assessment and report on your premises and can advise whether your carpets and furniture can be treated on-site or require removal to our facilities. We provide full documentation for your insurance company to assist with your claim and can invoice them directly. With over 30 years of experience, our Adelaide team are equipped with the skills, knowledge and experience to ensure you will get the highest quality outcome every single time.

We are equipped to handle jobs of any size, for home or business. Call us today on 0416 115 866 for all your water damage restoration needs in Adelaide today.

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