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Upholstery Cleaning


Whether its kids, pets or just daily use, it is natural that furnishings and upholstery experience a lot of wear and tear over time. these items require periodic cleaning to keep their original look & help maintain your family’s health. regular use of your furniture can mean a build up dust, germs, stains and blemishes over the years, but choosing Imperial Upholstery Cleaning can restore your upholstery like new. Our professional and expert trained technicians can help refresh and extend the life of your furniture, in a way that is safe for you, your kids and your pets.

Sustainable cleaning technology for fresh, clean & allergy free carpets that stay cleaner for longer

“Our kitchen & bathroom tiles look absolutely brand new, we were amazed. The sealing has made the tiles so easy to clean”
Michelle Kilic – Toorak Gardens
We all want the cleanest home or business and finding an expert cleaning company is a secret to our satisfaction. Imperial Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning is an Adelaide institution. It began back in 1993 and is a family-owned business, not a franchise. Personal service means exactly that. Every customer is they a homeowner or a business owner is treated in the same friendly & professional manner. Treating each job as a unique means of finding out exactly what is required & completing the job beyond your expectations.

Here are some of the benefits from


Fully certified & government accredited company
Recommended by leading manufacturers
Expert training of all their technicians
100% safe for children & pets

Fresh clean & healthy cleaning products

Ideal for asthma & allergy sufferers
Carpets & furnishings stay cleaner for longer
The fast drying process, typically 1-2 hours
The latest equipment for all types of surfaces
200% genuine money back guarantee
Absolute commitment to green materials & practices

It’s not just the huge number of repeat customers or the glowing testimonials from delighted customers who sing the praises of Imperial, but there is also the recommendation from professionals. Wools of New Zealand quality assurance program has declared Imperial to be one of the best carpet cleaning technicians in the whole of Australasia. We provide a full range of professional cleaning services like carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, leather cleaning, emergency water damage, vinyl cleaning & sealing and tile & grout cleaning.

Fully Trained & Certified Technicians

Imperial Technicians have undergone extensive training with the Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute and are fully accredited Master Technicians so you can be sure you’re dealing with elite professional. So confident are we that you’ll be absolutely delighted with the results that we offer a genuine 200% money back guarantee “If you are not delighted with the results we will refund your money within 48 hours and pay for another carpet cleaning company” Because Imperial is so good at what we do, our clients need us less often. This is one simple explanation as to why we have so many repeat customers.

The Cleanest Floors & Furniture in Adelaide

Hospitals naturally pay great attention to cleanliness and as a homeowner and particularly someone with children, you want that same hospital standard of attention to detail when having your carpets, floors & upholstery cleaned. Enter Imperial Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning of Adelaide. The greatest assets Imperial offer is their staff and the service they provide.

Having technicians who are fully trained & expert in the business is essential. Using the latest equipment & materials is standard practice. Then when you combine the technicians & equipment with the service provided, it’s easy to see how Imperial, which began as a family business back in 1993 and remains so today, has such an outstanding reputation throughout Adelaide.

Care For The Environment

Of course, you want the cleanest, safest & best-smelling cleaning service but we all want to look after our environment. Cleaning carpets (and tiles and upholstery for that matter) uses water, cleaning materials & energy. There are waste products. Imperial has recycling, composting & reduction of energy & water as priorities. We care as much for your home or business as you do.

Asthma & Allergen Benefits

Our award-winning Health & Environmental system uses the latest in sustainable cleaning technology. Hospital grade filtration removes harmful microscopic particles, allergens & dust mites which can cause asthma & other conditions. Your carpets & upholstery are left fresh, clean & allergy-free & naturally they stay cleaner for longer. It’s not only thousands of homeowners who recommend Imperial. Carpet manufacturers & furniture upholsterers sing the praises of the finest cleaning company in Adelaide. Imperial has been a preferred partner of leading manufacturers like Interface & Cavalier Bremworth for over 15 years maintaining some of the largest facilities in South Australia, including the Adelaide Convention Centre and Qantas Clubs.

Sustainable cleaning technology for fresh, clean & allergy free carpets that stay cleaner for longer.

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