Upholstery Cleaning Adelaide

Whether its kids, pets or just daily use, it is natural that furnishings and upholstery experience a lot of wear and tear over time. these items require periodic cleaning to keep their original look & help maintain your family’s health.  regular use of your furniture can mean a build up dust, germs, stains and blemishes over the years, but choosing Imperial Upholstery Cleaning can restore your upholstery like new. Our professional and expert trained technicians can help refresh and extend the life of your furniture, in a way that is safe for you, your kids and your pets.

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Fresh, Clean & Odour Free

Imperial Cleaning guarantees fresh, bright & odour-free upholstery cleaning in Adelaide. Our low-moisture cleaning process can safely clean even your most delicate fabrics including silk, wool, velvet and linen Your furnishings will look and feel revitalised, cleaner and fresher as soils and odours are extracted from your fabrics. Imperial technicians are also specialists in cleaning and restoring macro suede and are recommended by high-quality designers and manufacturers like Nordic Design. we guarantee you will be truly satisfied with the results. we recommend Scotchgard Fabric Protection to ensure your fabrics stay cleaner and look ‘newer’ for longer. Treated fabrics provide resistance to both oil and water based stains making spot cleaning and vacuuming easier and more efficient between professional cleans, as well as providing a longer life for your valuable upholstery.

Leather Cleaning & Conditioning

Additionally, we can restore your leathers natural beauty with our total cleaning, conditioning & protection process. A specialist leather technician gently cleans & restores your valuable leather upholstery using only the finest tannery approved products. We gently clean ingrained soils & oils from your leather, apply a conditioning & moisturising treatment to restore your leathers softness & a protective coating to resist permanent staining & keep your leather looking new for longer.

Professional Cleaning Frequency

As a good ‘rule of thumb’ professional cleaning is recommended every 12 months for most family room lounges. having your upholstery cleaned every 12 months will help extend the life of your furniture. A high quality clean will help keep your furniture looking newer, for longer and will get rid of any stains or odours it may have. Additionally, getting an upholstery cleaning helps you retain the value of your valuable possessions. 

Air Quality & Allergies

Regular upholstery cleaning Adelaide leads to a cleaner & more hygienic furniture.  Bacteria can hide deep into your furniture and cause unpleasant odours and potentially lead to illnesses. Moreover, regular professional cleaning of your upholstery helps improve the indoor air quality of your home by the removal of mould, dust and any other allergens with every clean. Poor air quality can cause breathing problems, especially for those with asthma or allergies. This is why it is best to call an expert upholstery cleaning service like Imperial.

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