Health and Environmental Cleaning Policy

Mission Statement

Imperial Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning is committed to the protection of human health and the maintenance of the environment. The development and implementation of HECS within our operations provides a consistent framework for a safe workplace and care for the environment.


Imperial Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning shares the community concern for the protection of human health and the conservation of the environment, and seeks to protect its employees, clients, air, land and water from contamination from our operations.

Imperial Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning complies with health, safety and environmental legislation and exceeds Australian Standards (AS3733 – 1995) guidelines. In addition we will:

  • minimise & encourage responsible use of carpet cleaning chemicals (using HECS qualified products wherever practical).
  • integrate health, safety & environmental factors into planning, operational decisions and processes.
  • continually improve our health, safety and environmental performance, regularly monitoring and auditing our performance.

Imperial Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning will continue to initiate new, safer technology using the latest scientific research on health and the indoor and outdoor environment.


Activities and processes utilised in the carpet cleaning industry have the potential to affect the local environment. Wastewater and residues extracted from carpets during cleaning have the potential to harm the environment and may also be detrimental to people. Residues from vacuuming may contain significant levels of respirable, biological and chemical allergens. Liquid wastes may contain high levels of extracted solid materials, oils, grease, chemical solvents and residues from detergents and other chemical products applied to carpets. Wastes collected have the potential to be very toxic, and should be handled with care.

Disposal Guidelines

  • Wastewater and residues from carpet cleaning must NOT be discharged into any stormwater drain.
  • Wastewater and residues from carpet cleaning must NOT be poured onto ground where they can soak into groundwater or run off into wetlands.
  • Neutralised, filtered or treated wastewater and residues MUST be discharged to sewer where practicable.
  • Collected solid and particulate waste is to be sealed and disposed of at an approved waste disposal site in accordance with local or federal regulations.
  • If in doubt contact the office for advice on the correct procedure.