Prevent Allergies With Clean Carpets All Year Around

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If you suffer from allergies then allergens at home are absolutely a big no for you. If there
are rugs and carpets around your house, you can eliminate any allergic triggers by using the

right cleaning techniques. In this article, we are discussing some easy tips for you to enjoy
enjoying a home with carpets without any worries.

The most common allergens known to put the immune system in a hypersensitive mode are
particular foods, pollen, fur, or dust. Allergies can be irritating or exhausting and some of
the symptoms of an allergic reaction include watery eyes, sneezing, rashes or hives, runny
nose, itchy eyes, skin irritation, shortness of breath and swelling or inflammation.

How To Maintain Clean Carpets & Prevent Allergens

Purchase Short Pile Carpets: These carpets have dense fibres and keep allergens away from
the surface of your carpet.

Purchase an Allergy-friendly Fibre Carpet: Be careful of what carpet fibres you pick for your
home as not all are good for allergies. Natural fibres such as wool can have an adverse effect
as it retains more moisture and results in the growth of mould. As compared synthetic fibres
are a better option than natural fibres for anyone suffering from allergies. Nylon carpets are
an excellent choice especially for people with asthma as these carpets are dust, moisture,
and allergen-resistant.

Keep Your Carpets Clean: Make vacuuming your best friend to maintain and keep your
carpets clean of allergens. It is one of the most helpful cleaning methods there is to keep
allergies at bay. And to clean any dust, sweat, dead skin cells, pet fur, food particles or any
other debris that may cause allergic reactions if not removed.

Hire a professional carpet cleaner: Carpet cleaning is not as simple as it appears as it’s not
only dust, dirt and filth that must be cleaned from the surface but it’s also particularly
important to remove stains and bacteria before they deteriorate your carpet and your
health. In other words, before your carpet goes from bad to worse, it is recommended to
rely on commercial carpet cleaning Adelaide services which are known for their expertise
and experience in affordable carpet cleaning Adelaide. Opting for a professional company
that offers steam carpet cleaning Adelaide can work wonders for your health and enhance
your carpet’s life.

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