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Have your carpets started to look dull or worn as well as tired? How about observable tracks forming where you walk around most frequently? Even if you vacuum your carpets regularly dust particles that are trapped deep in the pile can have a rough impact on the carpet fibres whenever you move around your home or office.

At Imperial Carpet Cleaning we have over 30 years experience servicing the North Adelaide market providing the highest level of cleaning to remove dust particles, allergens and odours. We also eliminate those stubborn stains and spill that have always returned in the past. You can safely have your carpets restored to their original state with our expert technician’s right here at Imperial Carpet Cleaning. We provide superior cleaning solutions cost-effectively for all categories of residential as well as commercial properties.

Some of the advantages of our services

  • 100% safe for you, your children and pets
  • Ideal for asthma and allergic sufferers 
  • Fresh and hygienic cleaning solutions
  • Specialised training of technicians
  • Eco friendly materials and process

Upholstery Cleaning in North Adelaide 

Whether its children, pets or just day to day use, it is quite natural that different furnishings and upholstery will experience wear and tear over time. All furnishings need regular cleaning to keep their look and assist in sustaining the health of family members. The frequent use of your home or office furniture leads to a buildup of dust, germ sand stains over the years. However, by selecting professional solutions delivered by Imperial upholstery cleaning across North Adelaide, you are in the right hands.

Our skilled and experienced technicians can assist in restoring and extending the overall life of your furniture, with a specialised process that is safe for you, your children and your pets.

Rug Cleaners in North Adelaide

Dealing with rugs is not as easy as it offers a home to soils, allergens and dust mites deep within the pile. While dust mites don’t bite they are one of the most noteworthy sources of allergens, drawing allergic asthma, conjunctivitis, dermatitis, and other health problems.

Imperial carpet cleaning can safely clean and restore all categories of rugs including hand woven and all types of fibres. Our specialist team can clean any of the rugs made from Wool, Cotton, Silk and any of the others. No two rugs are the same and they all need diverse cleaning practices.

Our active rug cleaning service brings a height of profound cleaning to your rugs that you easily cannot attain on your own. We have the right experience and use the newest technologies as well as tools to extend the health to your rugs.

We clean rugs to the best of our capability, and usually, this necessitates us to take the rugs and properly clean right at our premises. This facilitates us to clean the rugs more methodically, and we can also dry the rug speedily to keep away problems and provide faster deliveries.

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Connect with our professional team of technicians at Imperial Carpet Cleaning and see the outcomes for yourself. To precisely clean, brighten and restore your carpets, upholstery or rugs call or text us on 0416115866 today!

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