How to Keep Upholstery Clean After Having It Professionally Cleaned?

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Whether it’s your reclining chair, upholstered furniture, or leather couch, it is the most used piece of furniture that adds a touch of elegance and comfort to any home. Having your furniture cleaned professionally will bring back that new feeling while prolonging its life. After the cleaners have left, maintaining the new fresh look is in your hands – with proper maintenance to reduce the wear and tear of daily usage. In this blog, we are discussing several tips that you can follow to help maintain the clean look of your upholstered furniture after upholstery cleaning Adelaide professionals have left:

Direct sunlight: It is important to protect your upholstered furniture from direct sunlight for prolonged periods. The UV rays from the sun fade the colours in your fabric upholstered furniture and if it’s a leather or leatherette couch then harsh rays from the sun can result in cracks and stiffening. Place them in areas where sunlight is not visible.

Regularly vacuum your furniture: As a part of routine maintenance regularly vacuum your upholstered furniture to clean any dust, sweat, dead skin cells, pet fur, food particles or any other debris that may accelerate its wear and tear if not removed. The dirt has an abrasive effect on your furniture and can scratch the surface of your leather couch. regular vacuuming will prevent any dust and dirt build-up keeping your couch looking neat and clean.

Refer to furniture tags: It is recommended to keep the tags on your upholstery for future reference as it has vital information about the style, delivery date, and most importantly, fabric type and its care instructions. This information will help you maintain your furniture and extend its lifespan with proper care and maintenance.

Use stain protection products: Using stain protection products available on the market do a good job of safeguarding your upholstered furniture against stubborn stains.

Get professional help with regular cleaning: Following these tips would keep your upholstered furniture looking and feeling brand new, however, professional upholstery cleaning Adelaide service can help look it fresher for longer, extending its lifespan. Imperial Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning professionals will help increase the longevity of your furniture. We pride ourselves on being the best professional cleaners Adelaide has. We produce the best result when cleaning carpets, upholstery , couches and achieve great results when undertaking tile and grout cleaning. Get our award-winning, fast, and affordable professional cleaning service now!